Tune iPass ประกันสุขภาพ สำหรับชาวต่างชาติ เดินทางเข้าไทย วงเงิน 100,000 เหรียญ USD
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Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) >>Thailand.
Requirements for traveler to Thailand for Non-Thai citizens, before check-in at the airport of your country the traveler must show health insurance minimum coverage at least 100,000 USD that should cover all expenditures of medical treatment while stay in Thailand includes COVID-19. The travelers need to purchase health insurance before travel.
Purchase this health insurance please contact

Tel. +6689-7990051 Khun Koon , Line ID: chainuan โทร 0897990051
Tel. +6661-1925666 Khun Suksan Lind ID: happiness06 โทร 0611925666
Line Official : @kanokwanprakanpai

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Inbound Travel Insurance Tune iPass cover covid-19 for entering Thailand

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Dear Traveler
Health insurance at least 100,000USD cover medical treatment (Including COVID-19) while traveling to Thailand need to purchase for your obtain Thai visa (COE) and must show before your airline boarding or check in at your airport.
See your plan >> or click HERE
Purchase online click >> HERE
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New premium stat 8 April 2021

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